My name is Philip Zeller.  I began my time as a DJ in the roaring 80’s, while still in high school.  After performing gigs at my own school, I quickly got a job at the local radio station, WJNZ, where I continued to work throughout high school.

I then chose to go to college to get a degree in radio broadcasting, all the while continuing to deejay gigs on the side as well.  In 1993, I began working at the now defunct radio station WZZQ in Terre Haute (and continuing to do gigs on the side).

Deejaying (I insist that deejaying should be a valid verb) is something I’ve continued to enjoy.  The tools of the trade have changed (from lugging around hundreds or even thousands of pounds of physical media to using a laptop, for example), but the excitement remains.

I have experience doing sorority formals, frat parties, middle and high school dances, weddings, anniversaries, pool and beach parties, etc.  I have a selection of music from virtually all genres, though I’ll always be a rock n roll guy at heart.